Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last Night in a Love Motel

Last night in Korea - what better than to stay at a raunchy love motel next to the bus station?  Well...to be completely honest, I didn't want the awkwardness of running into a co-worker while dragging my hundred + pounds of luggage to the bus station when I should have been at work.  So after having dinner and Baskin Robbins with my dearest friend, Amanda, I hailed a taxi to pick up my luggage at my apartment and bring it to the love motel.  First of all, taxis in Korea can be annoying - there are a lot of rules and regulations that I am completely unaware of.  Many times I got a flat out NO and an X with their fingers telling me they wouldn't take me where I wanted to go.  So imagine how happy my taxi driver was to load his car with all my luggage.

It went something like this: 
  1. "yo-gi-oh" (right here).  "waiteeeing...waiting..."  
  2. I run to my apartment and drag down my luggage as I'm sweating profusely. 
  3. Taxi Driver:  "no nooooooo noooo."
  4. Me:  Nae Nae Nae (yes)  Ok...good (thumbs up).  Nae.
  5. We load it all up as he's yelling at me in Korean and I keep saying.  Ok  Good  Nae...Kam-sah-ham-ni-da (thank you).
  6. We get in the car and he looks at me and says, "waitingggg....waitingg..."
  7. He gets out and PEES on the street.
  8. He laughs when I "yo-gi-oh" him to the love motel.  And says a bunch of things I don't understand.  And I give me one last Kam-sah-ham-ni-da.
Goodbye 553-13 Jangan Gu Cheon-Cheon Dong #304

In case you are unaware of what a love motel is - it is basically what you've already imagined.  They are all over Korea and can be rented by the hour or night.  They are the cheapest thing to a westernized hotel that you can find.  Western hotels are very expensive and hard to come by in Korea.  Your other option is a pension like you've seen in my other blogs.  The pension offers a more traditional room where you sleep on the floor and the bathroom (usually) is more traditional where you'd shower in the middle of the bathroom versus an actual shower stall or tub.

Wow...a tub with jets!  Except, who knows what's gone on in there--this is a love motel...  I opted for the shower feature.  Love Motels come with everything you made need - especially if you unexpectedly stop by after the office.  Here, you will find shampoo and conditioner.  Unlike Western Hotels, Korean hotels have CostCo-sized toiletries that you share from guest to guest.  It always grosses me out that they don't change out the soap - but then again they don't in public restrooms either - but you don't wash your body in public restrooms.

A toilet featuring all the amenities - including bidet.  
The little foliage area was hilarious to me.
You just can never know what to expect at a love motel.
This is where the magic happens.  I've even stayed at love motels with different colored light options.
A mirror above the bed...
And little stuffed bears!  All in the same room!!  
Let's just say there was more than CNN on this t.v.;)  Like I said, it comes with everything:  robes, t.v., fridge, computer, hair dryer, hot water pot, dvd player, etc...
After shave, lotion, hairspray, brushes, q-tips, you name it!
My favorite is the little pack you get from the front desk at check-in.  My gift set is complete with:  toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash, bubble bath, and Condoms!
Lastly, shutting off the lights in a love motel can be quite time consuming.  You've got more dimmer switches that you can imagine.  So, to conserve energy you put your key in this holder when you enter the room and the lights turn on.  When you leave and remove the key, all the lights automatically shut off.  This is quite brilliant - and it helps you to not lose the key.
Soon enough it was time to check out of the Lavender Motel and board the bus for the airport.  My fun adventure at the love motel - and Korea- were over.

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  1. Greetings Katie! I am currently running a Naver Blog about English expressions / conversation / humor / animation for kids etc. I came across some of your funny pictures and wanted your permission to use some of them (with funny captioned words) and explanation in Korean about it. Me and couple of my foreign buddies are doing it, and just wanted your permission before doing so. Would be fantastic if you gave me permission! Please email me notevenslinky@gmail.com Thanks Katie!