Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Night Out in Korea

I spent my last weekend out with good friends and neighbors.  We began with Korean shabu shabu...hmmmm....I miss shabu shabu!

First, you pour cabbage, mushrooms, and other vegetables into a boiling broth.

 And then you add the delicious meat.  You only allow the meat to cook until just about done - it shouldn't be overcooked.
 Dip the meat into a delicious, spicy sauce.  Soooo gooooood!
Once your meat and veggies are finished, add noodles to the soup.  My favorite are when the noodles come as one rice noodle sheet and you rip it apart and put into the broth.  Those noodles are a bit dumpling-like, but these noodles are good too.

Once the noodles are finished, it's time for bo-kum-bap (fried rice).  Add the rice, egg, seaweed, and some other things into the original bowl - the broth should be gone by now.

 After our delicious shabu shabu dinner we headed out and found this amazing sausageya sign.
 And this amazing guy with the light-up suit outside the bars near Suwon Station.  You never know what you'll find at Suwon Station!
 We headed to the "Rooster" - a fun, hookah bar near Suwon Station.  Andrea and Adam just got back from visiting family in the States - they had amazing gifts!!
 When you come in, you take off your shoes and relax on the floor filled with several rugs.

I love the decor and the silhouette of the rooster on the wall.

 Enough beer?

 Adam's ghost hand...
 Many times in Korean bars you have to order something to eat.  Fruit platter...don't mind if I do!
 Robyn and Ian from Canada.
 Andrea and Adam from Idaho.

This night out really made my departure finally feel real.  There are so many cool things to do in Korea and I really miss doing something new every week.  And most importantly, I really miss the amazing people I met along the way.


  1. hey can you please tell me excat location of this hookah bar...Thanks.

  2. 붉은수탉 (Red Rooster)
    a restaurant/hookah lounge. I found their food/drink prices a little high, but the hookah is only 10,000 won and they have at least 20 flavors available.

    to get there:
    suwon station, exit 5
    walk straight through the square, pass tom&toms, pass
    make a left at the T Mobile store on the corner
    Red Rooster is two shops down on your left
    the phone number is 031-247-0608, but they don't speak english. you can find it on facebook under: 수원역 붉은수탉.