Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Things I Miss (and some I don't)

Just a few random photos from my last few days in Korea.  Some things I'll miss...some things I won't.

I'll definitely miss Korea's public transportation system.  It's cheap, reliable, and convenient.
 I'll miss and won't miss the halmonis selling fruit on the corner.  It's great to buy cheap, fresh produce straight from the farmer but these ladies get pretty upset if you stand in front of their stand and block it!
 I WILL NOT miss the icky bar soap in public bathrooms or just public bathrooms in general.
 From the moment I got on the plane, I missed these amazing chocolate waffles!
 And even more, I'll miss Edita's text messages to go down and get a wapple at Cafe Soho.
 I won't miss a certain individual who made this for me!  I came to work one day and a certain person made these and gave them to everyone.  Everyone was so happy and wore them all day at work except Rebel Katie.  Come on, this is the biggest scruucie on the face of the planet!
 My second-to-last night I wanted to order McDonald's while I cleaned.  I was bummed when I called and McDonald's doesn't deliver to my neighborhood so I got Domino's.  
 Comes with hot sauce...
 "We Know The Pizza."  One would assume an American company in Korea would have correct English grammar...but there is no such thing in Korea.
 I WILL MISS MR. KIM SOOO MUCH!  I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye:(  Mr. Kim was my neighbor and one of the most amazing Korean man I met.  He would give me apples and vegetables from his garden.  One time he chased me down to give me two walnuts:)  Such a sweet guy!
 I ALREADY MISS dak galbi!!  Chicken mixed with spicy sauce, cabbage, rice cakes, pumpkin slices, etc.  My favorite Korean meal!!
 Who knew I'd miss fish that was so much work?  Learning how to de-bone fish with chopsticks was a challenge but after time - it soon became one of my favorites.  Usually a fish restaurant will have fish tanks outside of the restaurant and you can chose which fish you'd like for dinner.
Chili Chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice.
I loved skipping out on school lunch and running to the kimbap place a block down the street.  When I wanted something spicy - this pork deop bap was the best!  It was the spiciest thing I had in Korea.  Usually when I ordered it, Koreans would watch me eat it - surprised that the foreigner could eat spicy food.
 DUCK!  I love Duck!
 My last week in Korea I went to see the performance JUMP.  It was great - it was a comic martial arts performance.  I laughed a lot and enjoyed watching the taekwondo.

 I like bi bim guk su minus all the vegetables.  The sauce and cold noodles are good - but it's weird to eat lettuce with cold noodles...just saying.
 Mix it up - just like bi bim bap!
I most definitely miss this girl and other friends I've met in Korea.  It's pretty cool to meet so many people from all over the world.  No doubt, there are a good mix of foreigners in Korea who act like jerks and misrepresent - but there are so many amazing foreigners that want to get as much out of their Korean experience as I did.  Amanda is like my Canadian sister and I have no doubt our paths will cross again sometime soon.

 Lastly, I miss these guys like crazy!!!  My students made my time in Korea unforgettable.  They made me laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time.  They impacted my life more than they'll ever know and I didn't even get to say goodbye to them.  I never thought I'd like teaching - these guys made me realize the impact a teacher makes in his/her students' lives.  

The guy in the middle is Bob!  My BOB!  Everyday he gave me a huge hug when he first saw me.  And it wasn't just a quick hug...I'd usually be sitting on the floor waiting for my students and he'd come and sit on my lap for ten minutes or so.  We called him Teddy Bear because I loved hugging my teddy bear:)  We also called him - bi bim bob and bob-o (both names that are funny if you understand some Korean).
Like any culture, there are positives and negatives.  The important thing is that we can laugh about it in the end.  Korea was good to me.

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