Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vietnamese Shabu Shabu

A while ago, two Koreans took me out for my first taste of Shabu Shabu and I've loved it ever since.  I convinved a friend to try it - but, I couldn't remember where the last place was so we went to a different restaurant, to find out later that it was a Vietnamese Restaurant.
 OK, so the food section of this blog should be dedicated to Korean food.  BUT - western food in Korea is never REALLY western so I'm sure there's a little mix of Korea in this Vietnamese dish, here's Korea's take on Vietnamese shabu shabu (which I believe is really a Japanese dish to start with).

First you start with a brothy soup mixed with lots of vegetables.

Here are some veggies to mix in the shabu shabu wrap.
 The meat.  First you throw a few pieces of meat into the soup to cook.  You don't want to overcook the meat, it's best when it's sort of rare.
You add the rice last. 
 Rice Paper.
 You dip the rice paper in hot water.

Place the rice paper on your plate.  Add the meat, veggies, and sauce.  I like the spicy and peanut sauces best.
 Voila!  Just wrap and eat.
 I'm terrible at wrapping.
 After you are finished with the wraps, you throw in the noodles.
 After you eat all the noodles, you throw in the rice and squash/pumpkin.
I thought it was really delicious but I prefer the Korean-style.

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  1. Hi Katie! I am living in Korea with my boyfriend and we eat shabu frequently here. This meal looks very interesting to us since it is a little different from what we have tried before being at a vietnamese restaurant. Can you please share where this place was? Thanks for sharing your experience.