Thursday, May 19, 2011

Penis Park

Ya, that's right - I said it - Penis Park.  Are you ready to see a post on the most bizarre thing in Korea?

After hearing about this park almost a year ago - I couldn't wait for the opportunity to see what it was all about.  South Korea is extremely "conservative" and this very topic embarassed most of my co-workers who had no idea this place existed.

The tale of the Penis Park is sort of story.  It begins with a story of a virgin who went out to a nearby island to collect seaweed.  Her fiance was supposed to go and get her.  But because of a storm, he was unable to get her and she died from the crashing waves.  Shortly after, the town mourned the loss of fish that was caused by the spirit of the virgin.  One man supposedly let loose into the water - which made the virgin very happy.  So, what better way to keep the virgin happy than to build an entire park of penises and keep the fish abundant.

So, here begins photos of some very interesting phallic statues.

 We met this guy from New Zealand who was going to the park on his own.  He joined our group and had some great poses!

 The area was beautiful!

 I guess this is the re-make of "letting loose" into the ocean.
 You often find old ladies walking with strollers (that usually carry vegetables).  But...not usually hanging out by a huge penis chair.
 Leaning left...scared of the bush!
 Not the sort of crowd you'd expect at the Penis Park!

Exhausting! never gets old!

 It had to be done!  Glad Aimee had the "balls" to do it!

 So gorgeous!

 Statue of the Virgin

 Seaweed is still very popular in this area.  The women are drying the freshly-caught seaweed on wire racks.
 Woah--Korean Men on Harley' see EVERYTHING here!

 We decided to stay in Samcheok for the night and enjoy the beach and nearby caves.  The five of us checked into a "love motel" which is pretty common in Korea.  You can find one pretty much anywhere and they're very economical.  You can rent them by the hour or night...equipped with whatever you'd need:  face cleanser, shampoo, brush, cologne, know...your typical love motel.
 We hung out on the beach with some $3 champagne.

We actually missed the bus in the morning to the caves.  We were ready to go at the bus stop at 11 a.m. but the buses left at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  We didn't have enough time to wait for the 2 p.m. bus because we had a 4 hour ride home back to Seoul.  Samcheok was a lot of fun and I recommend it for many reasons - the beach is beautiful, the caves are supposed to be amazing (largest one in Asia), and well...the Penis Park isn't bad either...and it's not too "hard" to get to.


  1. What a park! Do I like the statues more or the image of older Korean ladies pushing around strollers of veggies? :)

  2. awesome! I have been having a pretty shitty day and I can't even begin to explain how much this made me laugh- thanks for posting! sounds and looks like fun

  3. Thanks for sharing such a great place! If only it was a nudist park lol I would so get a tan on that beach

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