Friday, April 22, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

 The first signs of spring in Korea begin with the cherry blossoms.  This year I went to the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival along the Han River.  (Han River:Korea as Mississippi River:USA) 
 It was really beautiful.  The sidewalks were lined with cherry blossoms.

 The cherry blossoms canopied over the sidewalks..naturally, since this is Korea, it was as romantic as gazillions of people elbowing and cramming through crowds can be.  I was happy to share this romantic day with my BFF, Amanda.
 Spotted!  Couple Shirts!
 Lots of people, lots of trash:( 

 Okay, yes...I took a lot of photos!  I'm not posting even a fraction of the photos I took...I was just in awe of the beauty...I couldn't stop snapping my camera.
 As Minnesotan as I am...I can best compare the crowd to the Minnesota State Fair x 10...
 U.S. Air Force Seattle Base?
 This is sooo Korean!  Putting some newspaper on the ground and having some kimbap or just relaxing with some friends.

 Lots of entertainment...

 More couple shirts!
 I was handed this...I was so surprised...I still have to read it...hmmmm...where did I put that?
 Trying to take a self-portrait...

 Every two seconds I was losing Amanda...but with my "yellow or golden" hair (as my students call it), it wasn't hard for her to find me.
 Picking flowers.
 This couple jacket photo turned out to be such a romantic shot!
 More couple shirts!  I think he knows I'm taking a photo of them...haha
 "Sometimes I HATE you"  I really need this shirt for work!
 You wouldn't believe how many couple shirt shots I actually missed...they were everywhere!
 Some entertainment.
 NO, these aren't beekeepers...just regular ajumas - middle-aged women - watching the performances.  Can't let the sun get to our faces to make us looking old...

 We took a break at Kraze Burger for our "helth."
 Only in Korea does a man carry his girlfriend's pink purse.
 When it starts getting dark, they light up the trees.  It was really gorgeous!  Hard to capture in a photo.

 Do I have to mention the couple shirts?

 The night ended with fireworks over the river!  What a great day! 

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  1. Nice photos! I cant wait to experience this. And am gonna wear couple shirt too. Hihihihi