Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Love Bangs!

Recently, I've been going to several different bangs (방) - pronounced b-ah-ng.  A 방 is a "room."  I went to a DVD Bang with a friend to watch a Korean movie called, 아저찌 (Ajusshi).  Ajusshi means "mister" is Korean; however, the title of the movie in English is:  "The Man from Nowhere."  I totally recommend Netflixing it.  It's a great movie.  I think you'd be surprised by how great Korean films are. 

DVD Bangs are typically used for couples.  We usually get a few weird looks when we rent one.  If you look at the couch, it sort of resembles a bed.  It costs about $10/movie. 
 For a friend's goodbye party, we rented two room at a Multi Bang.  A Multi Bang puts all the bangs together:  karoake, wii, dvd, and pc.  We had karaoke in one room and wii in the other.  It was a ton of fun.
 The Multi Bang was called, Pinnochio.
 It had free drinks and snacks!!
 ...even popcorn!
 We could chose any game we wanted right on the screen.
 The guys were hilarious...there was no holding back in the norebang room!
 What better than to end the night with an ice cream cake!
I love the whole idea of a "bang."  I would love to take all Korea's ideas and start my own business.  Like a Dr. Fish/Norebang/Wii Bang/DVD Bang/etc business.  But laws and restrictions back home work much differently!

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