Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Cafe

 I met up with a friend for coffee in Hongdae.  What better place than a coffee shop dedicated to the legend...Hello Kitty:)  Although Hello Kitty is techically Japanese, she is still very popular in Korea.

It's the sort of shop where you turn the corner and BOOM, can't miss it!
 It was next to a cat cafe - which is a cafe with cats walking around that you can pet.  If I  A) wasn't allergic or B) didn't think cats were disgusting maybe I would have tried my coffee with cat hair flying around...blah!  It was also next to the "FUCKFAKE" store...which I'm not entirely sure what that's all about.
 Since pink is my favorite color, I loved the decor!  Even the chairs were themed.
 ...and the tables
 ...and the wallpaper

 ...even in our coffee
 You didn't think the bathroom wouldn't be decorated, did you? 

 Inside the stall it said, "Welcome to Wonderland!"
 So...I thought these girl's glasses were ridiculous because they didn't even have lenses...I appeared to be taking a photo of the framed art.

It was a nice afternoon out with a great friend.  I guess she'd have to be a great friend for me to drag her to this cafe;)


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  2. OMFG i must go there