Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Why not pass the time waiting at the airport with another post...

I'm sitting here watching women ooohhh and aawwww over their duty-free items (Korean LOVE duty-free) and older-aged men clap over speed skating competitions...clearly means I haven't left Korean soil quite yet.

I promised I would add some photos of my other neighborhood...the Sungkyunkwan University Neighborhood.  SKKU isn't techically a's kind of divided and parts fall into different neighborhoods...but to me...this is my other neighborhood.

I spent a good amount of time waiting to cross this street to this subway station.
 Sung stop.

 Neon red crosses indicate a church is there.
 This was taken on a freezing cold day.  I will never understand the lengths Korean women go for beauty.
 My station when it's slow.
 My station when it's busy.

 I told you...every neighborhood has a BR and DD.

 Terrible Korean fast food chain.

 I love these cranes!!  They are everywhere and probably have been around since the Korean War (you know I'm kidding, right?)....they've seen better days.
 Outside seafood restaurants you'll see the fish swimming outside waiting to be eaten.  You can even choose which one you want.
 A nice fish truck waiting to bring you some fresh fish:)
 Pizza one true love:)
 I was sitting at school on a break and saw this bus driver taking a cig break....just parked the bus in the middle of the street.
Ok...well looks like I'm gonna board soon...I'm anxious to get to Japan!!!  I feel so blessed to be going to my seventh country!!

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