Saturday, February 12, 2011

Japan: Kyoto

If you come to Japan to sightsee, Kyoto must be on your list.  There is so much to see and do in this town (and even more in surrounding towns) that it would be almost impossible to see it all...and you wouldn't want to--there are only so many temples you can see before you are "templed-out!"  There are 1,600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, and 200 listed gardens in Kyoto.  I chose the ones I thought would be most interesting and tried to see as many as I could.

This post is merely just photos from me wandering around Kyoto--either on my way to find dinner or on my way to find something.  I will add a few more posts of more specifics in Kyoto.

The photo above is of the Kyoto Tower right in front of Kyoto Station.

The train system in Japan is wonderful!  I took the bullet train from Hiroshima to Kyoto.  With speeds up to 186 mph, it only took an hour and forty-five minutes to reach Kyoto.  The trains come very often so there is no need to reserve a ticket.  Just show up and a few minutes later you'll be on the train.

The train is quite comfortable and clean.  Look at all this leg room!
Again, I will post pictures of my hostel since I've had a lot of questions about hostels from family and friends at home who don't travel outside of the U.S.  This hostel was a pretty typical hostel with bunk beds, dorm style.  This particular hostel was VERY clean!  Some hostels I've stayed at in Latin America were not this nice, but much more cheap!
There is storage under the beds to lock up your belongings.
Private shower rooms.
So...I had to have a McMuffin for breakfast.  When traveling abroad, I force myself to eat that country's food; except for breakfast.  You are not going to get me to eat rice for breakfast...I just won't do it if there are hashbrowns around the corner.
You came across a lot of people around Kyoto wearing kimonos.  I don't know if they were coming to and from their job (in a touristy area) or they were tourists...not sure, just saw a lot of them.
I loved the traditional houses in Kyoto.  The rest of these photos come from me wandering around and snapping photos.

Came across this temple while looking for another...think this one is Nanzen-ji...but not sure.

Yakitori dinner...yum!

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