Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy (Lunar) New Year

Korean Lunar New Year falls on second new moon after the winter solstice...and we get three days off work for it!  (You may think of this being Chinese New Year).  Lunar New Year in Korea is a family-orientated holiday.  Familes travel to see their families and often wear the traditional, hanbok.  You bow to your elders and your elders give you a special envelope/bag with money in it.  If you have a lot of elders...you can make out big.  My third graders figured out they could end up with about $150 USD.  Some students told me they play traditional games, whereas others told me they were going to play Nintendo.  Everyone, basically, eat rice cake soup for the holiday dish.  (bleh, not a fan of rice cakes!)

Today my 6 year old students showed me how to bow.  Because the girls bow cross-legged and not on their knees like the boys, my head couldn't quite reach the floor...so I yelled to my students, KIDS...PUUUSHHH!  So they pushed my upper back until my head could hit the ground.  LOL...I am still laughing about it!

I'll be heading to Japan tomorrow (so excited!) until Sunday.  For the Lunar New Year, I've decided to add some pictures of the kids in hanbok that I haven't added yet (unbelievable that I have more photos of kids, right?).

Happy New Year!

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