Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Ode to Korean Air

So...here I am at 6 a.m. sitting in the Incheon Airport in Korea and CRANKY!  I've been traveling over 36 hours and I'm exhausted.  I was so excited to finally be home--that when the lady at the aiport bus counter told me I had to wait another 1 1/2 for the bus home, I thought I was gonna lose it.  Women:  you know how it gets when you finally go through so much stress, you're tired, and you make it just to get bad news...you just wanna run to the bathroom and cry.  Well...I couldn't even run to the bathroom because I have too much luggage:(  So...forced to pull it together, I went back to the counter, bought my ticket, and at least this is the first airport I've found with FREE wi-fi!

I hate spending hours upon hours flying so I paid a little extra to get a direct flight to Seoul from Detroit.  So...it was supposed to be an hour flight to Detroit and a 13 hour or so flight to Seoul.  ERRRR....wrong!  I got up at 2:30 a.m. to make it in time to take the Rochester shuttle to the MSP airport.  After boarding the Mpls flight, we were told there was engine trouble...after a great deal of waiting I knew I was going to miss my connecting flight.  Because my flight was international I couldn't just deboard the plane for the day.  I thought it would be better to spend my night in Mpls than Detroit..but they wouldn't let me.

So sure enough...we arrived in Detroit two hours after my flight to Seoul left.  I will say despite all these issues, Delta was much better about the situation than another American airlines I've gone through...I won't even mention how terrible United is about customer service...won't even mention.  They gave me some meal vouchers and gave me the option to spend the night in Detroit and take the same flight tomorrow...they'd pay for the hotel...or fly to New York and take Korean Air home.  I chose the second option simply because I love Korean Air.

On my way home with Delta, the flight attendants were rude, especially if you didn't speak English (ON AN INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT!).

I am a traveler that appreciates all the little extras.  Korean Air flight attendants are so polite and speak an abundance of languages:  English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.  When you get on the plane there are so many goodies waiting for you on your seat.  A soft blanket (not scratchy), pillow, bottle of water, slippers (totally Korean), toothbrush/toothpaste, etc...  On the headrest in front of you there is a tv screen where you can watch a huge variety of movies, tv shows, listen to music, play games, etc...  They even had a women's bathroom that included makeup remover and face moisterizer...nice-uh~!

They travel around the plane constantly with juice and water...the food is better and they don't give you a bad look if you ask for extra snacks/soda, etc...    The plane is newer and cleaner, etc...  Oh, and I almost forgot the hot towels...I love those hot towels!

Hmmm...well I guess it's time to get some breakfast and figure out how I'm gonna take this luggage into the bathroom.  I'm waiting to hear back from my supervisor if I'm gonna have to go to work today or not.  I was supposed to be home 15 hours ago and rest and relax in my own bed before going back to work.  Whatever happens, happens...I'm just happy and greatful to have spend some time with my friends and family back home.  I'll blog and add some pictures soon.

Just lettin' ya know I'm home in Korea, safe and sound.

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