Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Apartment, finally...

My apartment isn't really something to brag about and I've never really one to enjoy I've been postponing this post for about 10 months now.  I was waiting to take pics until I thoroughly cleaned the I realized that's never gonna get here are some pics!
My front door #304.  To the right is my annoying doorbell/ plays Yankee Doodle :p
Outside my building.  Most Korean apartments are in huge high-rises...those are the nice apartments where families live.  I live in a studio apartment...where all of us foreign teachers get put.
Mailboxes.  Nice thing about Korea is that stealing isn't really an need to lock up your mail.
To the left is the bathroom, to the right is the the middle is my messy bookshelf.
Travel Books are my favorite:)
Thankfully I have a decent closet. 
Mom wouldn't believe this was my house if I would have made the bed for the picture.

I decorate my apartment with pictures I get from my students.  Melissa made this for me when I was at home.
The air conditioner is above the t.v.  It has a remote which is nice.  In the summer I'd keep the remote on my nightstand and I wouldn't have to get up to adjust the air.
Uninspiring kitchen + very few kitchen utensils + food I'm not used to at the grocery store =  I don't use this room very much.
Kitchen and entryway.
Bathroom.  Recently Koreans use bathtubs but they are only in new, modern apartments.  For the rest of us, we get traditional Korean bathrooms with shower-sinks.  It's really not as bad as it seems.  You just turn the knob on your sink to shower mode and take a shower in the middle of your bathroom.  That means everything gets wet so you can't keep certain things in the bathroom.  The most important thing is to remember to switch the knob back to sink mode when you are finished otherwise the next time you go to wash your hands, you'll get a shower...I've done that waaay too many times.
The drain is under the sink.  Cleaning your bathroom is easy because you can just hose it down...except for the occasional soap scum on your toilet...
My laundry room.  Koreans don't use dryers...really, ever...  I miss my dryer and oven most!
Well...I guess that's about it.  It's small and without a few luxuries like a couch, oven, dryer, bathtub, etc... but it's really not so bad.  To me, it's home.

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  1. Seems like a pretty nice place. Knowing that your mail won't get stolen, even if you keep it unlocked, is a testament to that. Overall, it looks like a pretty comfortable apartment, and a nice home for someone to live in.

    -Chad Lewis