Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Again...

I am back in Korea and my body is slowly detoxing from all the food I ate in Minnesota.  My time at home was waaay two short.  Two weeks went too fast and I didn't get a chance to see everyone that I wanted to...and there were so many people I did see that I wanted to see much longer than I had time for. 

Some of my highlights from my trip home included (but not limited to):
  • Seeing my neices and nephews.  Wow...they have all grown up so much in the past year...seeing them, more than anything, makes me realize how much I'm missing from being so far away!!
  • Seeing the rest of my family falls into number 2...sorry!!  You're just not as cute anymore!  Ok, this ISN'T in any particular order (seriously).
  • Seeing old friends...including...Ambrocio...yep, I caved and I'm so glad I did...not even gonna lie.
  • Visiting with kids from the Boys and Girls Club.  Wow, I had NO IDEA I missed those kids that much.  Everyone seemed to be doing so good and matured so much.  I'm so proud of those kids!!
  • Seeing my goddaughter and her family.  HI ALEXIS!  I didn't realize I missed that community of friends and I didn't realize how terrible my Spanish has gotten (yikes!).  I only got to spend 2 hours with her...and that was not enough!
  • Food!!!  No white rice or fermented vegetables for two whole weeks!!!
Here are some highlights from my trip home.
A view of Korea from the plane.
Little Glen was waiting for me at the airport...holding his "Who is Katie?" sign:)
Mike, Glen, Karlee, and Monique picked me up at the airport.  We stopped at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch.  Glen was more than excited about the "all-you-can-eat" fries!  He ate them at least 5 at a time.
 As many as he could fit in the ketchup at one time.
 Leaning back to squeeze in some more...
I came home on my birthday so everyone came over to spend the night with me.  I was so exhausted by the flight that I fell asleep at my own party.

I had to take a picture of my truck for my kids at school.  We don't have trucks like these in Korea.
 And there aren't a lot of cattle in Korea either.  Home sweet home:)
 We celebrated Christmas on New Years Day at mom's.  Heaven is so hilarious.  She'll talk your ear off.  On the phone one time I kept saying, "ok Heaven, I gotta go...I'll talk to you later..."  And she kept saying, "But I'm not done talking to you yet..."
 The flash on my camera is toooo bright for Glen...every pic turned out like this!
 Heaven said, "Kaaaaatie, don't take a picture of hair IS NOT BEAUTIFUL!"
 Me and Mo.  Wow...I look tired!
 Me and Karlee. really got into the Wii!!  She's gonna kill me for posting this!  Love you mom!
 Heaven's fix to her "not beautiful" hair.
 Some samples of all the food I ate at home.  Chipotle.
 Canadian Honker's hot roast beef sandwich.
 Olive Garden salad and breadsticks!
More Olive Garden.
 Wong' which Amy and I had TWICE!  We've had the same waitress since I was a kid and she hardly has said much to us. When I said, xie xie, it opened up a new relationship.  Xie xie (shay shay) means, "thank you" in Mandarin Chinese.  She told me about her son in Hong Kong and was wondering how I knew Chinese (just a few words for my trip), etc... 
 Panera.  My first job.  Greek salad and brocolli cheddar soup!
 Chicken Bruchetta Salad at Granite City in Saint Cloud.  I had a nice dinner with old friends and coworkers and all I took a picture of was the food...woops!
I also ate:  BLTs, Arby's Market Fresh Sandwich, frozen pizza, Red Lobster, cheese curds, fondue, chili, juicy hamburgers, lots of Mexican food, etc etc etc...

Driving in Minnesota.

 Chicken tastes better when you load it in your truck first.

 poor little guy!!  Corbin reached up and the highchair tray fell on him:(  He healed quickly, though.
 Seeing my grandpa was a huge highlight of the trip:)  Severals aunts and uncles came along for dinner with Grandpa.  It was so nice to see everyone!!
 typical Minnesota. I've been staring at my unopened, unpacked suitcases all afternoon...I guess I better get to work.  It was so nice to see everyone from home and somehow I'll find a way to spend more time at home next time I take that ridiculously long flight...

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