Friday, January 21, 2011

Coex Aquarium

Last weekend I finally convinced a friend to head to the aquarium at Coex Mall in Seoul to see the penguins my students had been telling me about.  It wasn't all that exciting...but it was still a very crowded, yet enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

A two-headed turtle!!  H wouldn't turn around...I think he felt ashamed:(
It's hard to take photos through glass...
I thought this guy was really cool!! 
They saved the best for last!  I had to go through the whole aquarium wondering where the penguins were and they were the last exhibit.
Look...the penguin is watching cartoons!  Even penguins can't resist Korea's Samsung and LG top quality picture.
The ones with spots are younger than the ones with stripes.

These were 'almost' identical to the ones I saw in Chile.  The penguins I saw in Chile were near Punta Arenas and were Magellan Penguins.  These are Humboldt Penguins that have a colony near Chiloe...a city I always wanted to visit but never got the chance.  The Magellan Penguins are slightly larger.

Next stop will be the 63 Building where I read online that you can PET THE PENGUINS!  I hope this is still true!

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