Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cell Dancers

Yesterday's frustrations brings today's excitement!  It took me sooo long trying to find a flight to Japan during Lunar New Year and with some very serious persistence...I found one!!  I will be flying into Hiroshima on Wednesday, then moving to Kyoto on Thursday, and then finishing my trip in Osaka on Sunday.  I'm so excited!!  There is a lot of planning to do in such a short time.  This trip will take quite a bit of patience and planning as I will be going to several cities in a short amount of time and my Japanese consists of "Konichiwa."

This is also the 100th post.  At the time of writing this post, 1,371 people (many are repeated visitors) have checked out my blog and there has been 3,021 pageviews (times people have clicked to see a new page).  There have been visitors from 6 continents and more countries than I could have ever imagined.  Much more popular than I had anticipated.

For today's post, here are two silly videos.  Cell phone stores are EVERYWHERE in Korea, I mean everywhere.  They stand outside the stores and try to get people to come in.  I went to dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant with some neighbors on the second floor.  We looked down on the street and this woman was dancing along...all by herself...without really anyone on the street.  Cell phone companies pay people to do this.  lol...
Then, I noticed the store owners and/or employees just seem to be inside enjoying a nice dinner while the girls are outside rocking it on the microphone and dancing...with hardly anyone in site.  hee hee.

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