Friday, December 24, 2010

메리 크리스마스 to my Family from the Kids!

Merry Christmas (메리 크리스마스) Family and Friends!!

I gave the option to a few of my classes to make a video for you...and of course they all wanted to.  This is totally you can see there are videos where you catch the kids picking their nose or making their Katie Teacher mad by talking too much!  But generally most of them got pretty shy in front of the camera when it came to speaking...not when it came to being will be kids.

Apple Tree Class
Apple Tree Class singing Feliz case you don't know...that's Spanish.  The kids had to learn this song for something else and the Korean teachers had to teach the song.  They were surprised when I told them this wasn't English...except for the second verse.
Afterschool kids.  Two kids are sitting on the floor, why?  Because they were fighting over a chair so they both had to sit on the floor.  And yes, Daniel is in the corner for fighting!
Lemon Tree class says Merry Christmas:)
Pine Tree class says, 안녕하세요(An-nyang-ha-se-yo = Hello).  They sang a song in Korean...can you tell which one it is?
This class can be a bit loud, you might wanna turn down your speakers.

If you couldn't tell, here it is in English...
p.s. I didn't teach them this song...they were reading it off a sheet I was holding up:)
Pine Tree Class is my wild class...but they've got a lot of spunk and I love seeing them everyday.  Tony forgot I had the camera on.

Maple Tree Class.  This video is typical of this class.  The girls like to sing nicely and the boys love to dance and act goofy.  They are hilarious to watch.
Maple Tree Class says hello!
And last, a song from the afterschool kids.
 Merry Christmas from me and the kids!

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