Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Little Munchkins!

In case you haven't heard the news yet...I've decided to stay in Korea another year.  I will be going home from December 29-Jan 10 to visit friends and family and then I'll be heading back to Korea until my brother's wedding in September. 

I know I do a lot of posts about my kids...but they really bring me a lot of happiness and keep me from feeling lonely while I'm so far away from home.  Today was our birthday celebration and I didn't even take any photos!  I have been a little sick lately so I wasn't up for it this morning:(  Below I have some pictures from the previous month.

The kids' English is improving everyday.  I was with the 6 year old kids one day and we were talking about things that are round.  Then I bent over to turn on the song about the round watermelon and the kids yelled, "Katie Teacher...your BOTTOM is round!"  haha...stinkers!

Shortly after I was teaching the afterschool kids, "I'm a Little Teapot."  We change the lyrics a little bit to use more common language like round instead of stout.  One of my less advanced kids shouts out to me one day, "Goodbye Teapot!"  I said..."what?"  He says, "You know...short and round!"  Stinker!!!!  Sounds like something my brother would say to me!

One of my 7 year olds just got back from being in New York City for a month.  When he returned, I told him to tell me ALL about NYC.  He spent 15 minutes telling me all about Toys R Us!

Obviously I don't look like most people these kids they are always commenting on my appearance and poking me where they shouldn't.  They always ask my why my hair is yellow and my eyes are green.  One day I did a funny face and made my eyes look really little girl said in a scared voice, "Katie Teacherrrrr....your eyes are a LITTLE BIT scary right NOW!"

Kids often don't really understand that I'm an adult because I act a little differently with them than most adults/teachers.  They are all excited for me to go home to America on vacation but they really don't understand why my mother lives so far away.  Everytime I tell them, they are it's the first time I ever told them this (even though I have several times).

Anyway...enough of my chatting.  Here are some recent pics.  I can tell from the first pics I took of them that they are getting sooo big!

This is Alex, he talks about Astro Boy probably everyday and was pretty excited to show me his new Astro Boy shirt.
 November birthdays in Pine Tree Class:  Sally, Jennifer, Alice, June, and Julie Ann.
 November birthdays in Palm Tree Class
 My little McQueen.  He is a handful but definatly a favorite;)  He recently broke his collarbone when he fell out of bed:(
 McQueen and Katie Teacher:)
 November Birthdays in Apple Tree Class:  Alex and Jennifer.
 My afterschool kids:  Princeton Class.  We tried the timer out...looks like we got everyone in.  Poly, Scarlet, Michelle, Tiffany, Sally, Ann, Jerry, Katie Teacher, Angel, and Sophie.
 Princenton Girls.  We took pics that day because Sally came dressed in hanbok.  She had something special at school that day.  Angel, Scarlet, Poly, Sally, Michelle, ann, Sophie, and Tiffany
By the way, Birthday Party Day is a BIG reason I'm not losing weight in Korea!  Once a month I have more cake than anyone desires.  Here is an example of a slice of cake I was given...and everyone is offended if I can't finish it or I don't bring it home.  This was given to me after I had already ate some downstairs.  I'm a pro at eating cake with chopsticks...I can't even imagine eating it with a fork anymore.

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