Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Ethnicity in Korea

Foreigners in Korea are often lumped into one big group.  Although SCSU had a lot of international students, I have never had such an array of international friends as I have in Korea.  Maybe to a Korean, we may all look "the same" when we are hanging out together.  But in reality, I have learned a lot from my foreign friends from Ireland, England, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and so on.  It's pretty cool to meet so many interesting people from so many places in the world.  And yes, they often say things in English I don't quite understand.

Recently I went to a French Christmas Market and a German Christmas Market in Seoul.  Although, I wouldn't necessarily suggest you go to these markets...I was happy to see they exist in such a homogeneous society. is a quick post of a little ethnicity in Korea that I've experience the last couple of weeks.

Indian and Nepali food.  Delicious!  You can find a lot of great Indian Restaurants in Korea.  I recently found this hidden gem near my home in Suwon.  My friend and I ordered the "Couple Set."  Which they often have in Korea (I could devote a blog post to this).  In our couple set...we got HEART-shaped rice...awww...
 Chicken curry with naan bread...yummy!!!
 ...and my personal favorite...tandoori chicken!  I should have taken pics before we started eating.
 I finally made my way to Songtan...about a 30 minute subway ride south of Suwon.  It is right outside the Osan Airforce Base.  This area has a lot of foreign food.  Here, we found a Peruvian Restaurant.  Although I am not an expert on Peruvian food, I am in Chilean food.  I found the food was quite different from Chilean food....however...they had Pisco Sour!!  I was so excited, this made the trip for me!  Pisco is a fermented grape liquor that is extremely popular in Chile and Peru.  So much so...that they fight over who really owns the rights to this liquor.
 Pollo saltado at the Peruvian Restaurant.  It was delicious.
 The French Christmas Market in Seoul was quite small and not really worth my ride in.  However, this area of Seoul was.  The Seorae Maeul neighborhood in Seocho is home to many people from France who are in Korea working for French companies.  Wikipedia tells me there are about 560 French people living in this neighborhood.  Walking down the street, I heard French, I saw people kissing cheek-to-cheek, saw French bakeries and French wine.  I even found this sign below in French.  I loved visiting this neighborhood.
 ...having a sausage at the French Christmas Market.
Lastly, I mentioned I went to the German Christmas Market today.  There was such an interest in this market that there were sooo many people and so few booths.  I didn't get any photos nor did I buy anything:(  A friend of mine spent some time living in Germany and she was so happy to go and speak German and eat a bratwurst.  I thought it was okay...just not worth the effort in going across Seoul for it.

Again, I am just happy to be able to experience a bit of ethnicity in Korea.  The foreign community is alive and thriving in Korea;)

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