Monday, December 20, 2010

A Korean Wedding...

I went to a Korean wedding a few weeks ago.  This is the second Korean wedding I've been to.  The first time I was pretty new to Korea and hadn't gotten a chance to know the teacher getting married very well.  This time I know the bride pretty well as she is in one of our immersion rooms.  She doesn't teach English, but she helps me manage the little rascals when they aren't listening.  Actually, she has probably the most well-behaved class in the school.

Here is the business of the wedding.  Usually a few uncles of the bride or groom (not sure which or if its both) do the "book keeping."  When you go to the wedding, you put your money in an envelope and hand it over to this gentleman where he carefully records your name and the amount of money given.  This way, when your son/daughter gets married, they will look at how much money you gave and must give the same amount.
 While the business is being dealt with, the bride waits in a small room so that people can see her and take pictures with her.  In this photo, Ann (the English teacher in the bride's classroom) is on the left and I'm obviously on the right.  The two women in the middle taught at our kindergarten last year.
 The bride's dress is gorgeous!  Luckily, in Korea, you don't have to purchase any of the dresses or tuxes.  Very few Koreans get married in a church.  Most get married in a wedding hall where they do everything.  You pick out your dresses/tuxes, they do the hair and makeup, they have several staff that tell you what to do and where to go, etc...

This is one of those times where I wish I understood Korean...haha...don't know what they were talking about.  These are several Korean teachers from my school.
 Sung Hee and
 Sung Hee tried to keep the wedding a secret from the kids so that no one's parents would feel obligated to go and give money...but a few found out anyway.  Little Miss Shiny came to the wedding.  She's adorable!
 Me and Shiny!  You can vaguely see in the background a photo. There was a digital screen that scrolled through their wedding photos...this one is of them in hanbok with umbrellas (I don't know many American men who would take this photo).
 Ann and Shiny.
 Some more teachers from my school with the bride.
 And Miss Candy found out about the wedding and brought her sisters.  She was sooo happy to see her teacher.  She couldn't stop smiling:)
 Her sister wasn't so happy:)  I teach her too, she's 5 years old and Candy is 6 years old.
 The mothers in hanbok get ready to come down the aisle.
 The groom looks a bit nervous...
 Mothers bow.
 Sung Hee with her father:)
 One of their guy friends sang a song...Shiny wasn't a fan!!
 Our Korean teachers sang a song...Candy and Shiny helped out.
 Bowing to their parents.
 Mr. and Mrs.  In Korea, you don't change your name when you get married.
 Me and the Principal of our School.
 The bride and groom with their parents...and white gloves.
 Their family.
 Photographs are very important to the wedding.  Weeks before, the bride and groom take several professional photographs with several different clothing changes.  They are so beautiful.  I took a picture of one of them...didn't turn out very well since it was in a frame.
 Shiny was so happy to see her teacher:)
 Candy's oldest sister, Olivia, who I also teach in our afterschool program.
 Oops, I don't know how this photo got to the end.
After the wedding, everyone files into the dining hall.  Everyone has a ticket that they received once they paid the businessmen.  It is a huge buffet style dinner.  This wedding had particularly good food.  The dining hall is shared with several other people who are having weddings in that hall as well.  So sometimes you don't particularly sit with people you know or who went to the same wedding as you.  They usually have a big screen where you can watch whatever wedding is going on at that time.  If you aren't a close friend or relative of the bride, you usually just pay your money and eat.  For example, friends of the bride and groom's parents.  It's an eat and go kind of a thing.  There is no, Heils would have a problem with that..we tend to linger and chat forever!

While everyone is eating, the bride and groom and their parents go into another room where they do the traditional Korean ceremony in their hanbok.  It's only very close family so I've never gotten to see that part...hopefully some day-I think that must be the best part!

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  1. 1. The principal of your school looks like a rock star.
    2. OMG. That wedding photo!
    3. Love the names Candy and Shiny.