Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few random things...

It's been a while since I posted some random photos from Korea.

Roasted Chestnuts.  They always sell these in Insa-dong.  I finally decided to try them and the verdict is....not-so-good.  I ate about one and then my friend gave them to a homeless man in the subway.  I'm not sure he was so delighted to have them either.

Bowling.  I went bowling a few months ago for the first time in Korea.  At home, almost everyone has bowled several times and has at least tried most sports.  Not really in Korea.  When Koreans find a hobby they like, they do it pretty hard core.  If you are into photography, you have the biggest, nicest camera one can buy.  If you are into soccer, you practice everyday and go to a special sports high school.  In this case, if you are a bowler, you have a rollie suitcase that fits your own ball, glove, shoes, and uniform.
Sweet bowling shoes with velcro!
Koreans love their designer bags...fake or not!  I mean...EVERYBODY!
Most Koreans are pretty thin by nature (insert jealousy here).  Some who are too thin have been known to get silicone butts...or a cheaper version...padded underwear.  Both men's and women's!

And...ummm...hmmmm....interesting find?
Bunnies!  My students love bunnies!  You can find them sold on the street...and if it's cold, like this day...they are wearing tiny knitted sweaters!!!  When you purchase one, they put it in a paper bag...just as if you bought something in the department store.
CUTE.  Bleh!  Korea is full of "cute."  They are a conservative society so instead of sex appeal...they have cute appeal.  That is why you can find grown adults wearing giant bows and minnie mouse ears on a perfectly normal afternoon.  This is also why I have mittens that look like dogs and fluffy ear muffs...I'm being sucked in!  Check out this cheesey Italian Restaurant!
K-Pop.  Korean Pop.  Move over Backstreet've got NOTHING on K-Pop!!!  It's a cult, it's insane, and it's.....catchy!  Here you can buy any boy band/girl band thing you can imagine...from wallets, to calendars, to business card holders, to hand mirrors...
haha...funny glasses.
Look at the cute puppy on the subway!!  And yes, this is talent.  Koreans can fall into a deep sleep on the subway...but like magic, they wake up in time for their stop.  It's rather impressive. maybe this post has a bit tooooo many generalizations.  Obviously not all Koreans fit into these catergories...but not gonna lie, a lot do.

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