Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Party at School

On Christmas Eve we had a Christmas Party with the kids at school.  We all gathered in the Main Hall where each class had a short performance.  Santa even came!

Here is Apple Tree Class performing a song on the harmonica.
 This is Palm Tree Class.  The song was in Korean so I didn't know what they were singing about...but I call it the Kim Jong Il Song because of the actions.
 Ahhh...Lemon Tree Class is so cute!
 The kids usually wear their uniforms unless it is a special day.  They got to wear whatever they wanted to school for the Christmas Party.  I asked him to show me his suit and this was the pose I got, lol!
 Some kids wore suits, some kids dressed up as Spiderman...
 Super Mong?  Is this a type-o or is there a Super Mong out there?
 Me and my sweetie, McQueen.  I wore red and green and a red ribbon in my hair.  Everyone was complimented me telling me I was so beautiful and "new hairstyle, new hairstyle!"  It's JUST a ribbon!!
 haha...Tommy tried on my new earmuffs which are extremely popular in Korea.
 LOVED Dennis' bow tie:)
I LOVE this video.  Most of the kids sang Christmas songs or played an instrument; however, this class danced to K-Pop!  You can recognize this class from a previous blog where the girls sang and the boys danced.  This class loves to dance!  I think the boys are more fun to watch than the girls...and if you watch long enough, you'll see even Santa knows the dance.  I've had this song stuck in my head ever since Christmas Eve...thanks Maple Tree Class!
Lastly, this class put this performance together in two days.  p.s. I give props to those out there who actually watch the videos of my students:)

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