Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in Korea

Christmas away from home can be rough but with the right attitude and a little creativity, it can be...not-so-bad.

Ovens are hard to come by in Korea.  These days more and more people have ovens in their homes but it is still not common.  English teachers in Korea usually live in tiny studio apartments with no oven.  So...I was so happy to see a new grocery item at Homeplus a few weeks ago!  If it's Christmas, it's okay to eat the whole package right...these are MY Christmas Cookies.
On Christmas Eve I went to dinner with another teacher from school.  She is Korean but her family lives out of town so we enjoyed a nice bulgogi dinner.  Bulgogi is a sweet beef mixed with vegetables.  Forgot to take a photo:(

Going to a bar on New Year's Eve night has never been something I thought I would do...but when my friend called and said, "You aren't just gonna sit at home on Christmas Eve, are you?"  I got my butt out of bed and joined them at our favorite local bar, D.C.T. (which stands for Dreams Come True, haha).
Always love a good fire show at DCT.
There's always gonna be "that guy" on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Day we headed to Seoul for the Nutcracker Ballet at the Universal Art Center.  It was FANTASTIC!  I had never gone to a ballet before and was thoroughly impressed.  Of course, photos weren't allowed during the performance so I always sneak one at the end.  I figure I've already seen the performance in case they kick me out.
The theater, itself, was beautiful.
After the ballet it was pretty late and nothing seemed to be open on Christmas Day.  We found a fantastic restaurant in Gangnam called, Captain's Hook.  Naturally a Peter Pan themed restaurant seemed appropriate to share a nice Christmas dinner away from home.

This is a photo of my Christmas dinner...chicken quesadillas...and they were delicious!  A rare find in Korea.
We all shared some nachos.

And potato skins.
I think this explains how delicious it was!
Afterwards we played some games.  It was so much fun and the waitstaff was VERY confused at what we were doing which made it even more fun.  We played until 2 a.m. when the restaurant closed.
The lovely ladies I spent Christmas with.
I am lucky enough to spent time at home a few days after Christmas.  I am currently riding this blog while being "iced in" at my mom's house on New Year's Eve.  Can't control the weather in Minnesota.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...and maybe I'll see ya soon!

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