Monday, November 15, 2010


This is one of those trips where I took an obscene amount of photos.  Seorak(san) Mountain is about three hours from Seoul and one of the most beautiful mountains in Korea.  It's especially beautiful in the fall.  The weekend I went to Seoraksan it was pretty misty/foggy but it was beautiful.  I tried to sort of the photos so I wouldn't have to upload so many...but as always, it's pretty difficult to narrow it down to just a few.

 The kids praying to Buddha were soooo cute:)

 My cheesey Korean pose...

Couple shirts!  You find couples everywhere dressed alike, sometimes even matching shoes and purses/bags.  They even sell couple underwear.  My 1st graders get excited to come to school to show me their couple rings:)  I mean, how can you go hiking and NOT wear matching giraffe shirts??
I have blogged about this several times.  You make a wish and stack your rock on top of the others.  In doing this, you are making all the wishes below yours stronger.

We did some hiking and we also took the cable car up.  Once the cable car dropped us off there was about a 20-30 minute hike up to the top.  My kind of hiking!!

squeeze in!

I saw this a lot in the Southern part of Chile.  The wind blows so hard, so often, that the trees stay permanently this way.


Who has a head shaped this way?
 We took a quick, easy hike the next day before heading back to the city.

 After a hike, you'll always find some old men drinking soju.  Soju is a liquor made of rice.  It is 19.5% alchohol and costs only a dollar or two for a bottle.

 Picture time!!

 This tree was kinda cool.
 Sweet dreams:)

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