Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I REALLY missed my mom's home cooking this Thanksgiving!  We went all the way to Seoul to CostCo for some pumpkin pie one night last week...when we couldn't find them, we were heart broken when the lady said, OPSEYO..meaning ALL GONE!  Really, Emily and I should have taken this picture looking disappointed, but I guess the cheese we bought made up for it...momentarily.

On Thanksgiving, Emily and I went to Outback...the best American food in Suwon.  It was delicious!
 The lighting in the restaurant wasn't ideal for photos...but you can see--this looks and tastes just like home!  Salad with RANCH dressing, bread with chocolate sauce and butter, wine, steak, onion rings, baked potatoes with cheese and bacon...I absolutely love Outback in Korea!
On Friday, I went with a friend Tara with a meetup group called Seoulites.  WARNING:  If you are a teacher in Korea, do NOT go with this meetup group...this is why!

Meetup is a website where several people start groups that wanna simply, meet up.  There are book clubs, travel clubs, hiking clubs, etc.  This meetup group advertised a Thanksgiving Feast with all the traditional foods including turkey, potato salad, and pumpkin pie.  The food was horrible.  They collected the 25,000 won (about $22.50) from us at the door.  Everything was cold, disgusting Korean food except for French fries and pumpkin pie at the turkey!  The pumpkin pies they bought were probably from CostCo that cost 6,000 won for a huge one!  So naturally, I went on the website later and made a negative but not nasty complaint.  So what do they do, REMOVED me from the group!  Then, I look and saw some other negative comments.  A few hours I look back, and they are removed to.  I think there is someone in this group that is trying to make some money off of us.  Two friends had negative experiences at meetups with this group before!  I'm now determined to tell everyone I know.  Frustrating! are some pics of our "Thanksgiving Feast."

Bulgogi, hotdog things, and some other stuff I don't know what it is...all COLD! 
 hmmm...does this look like Thanksgiving food to you?  This is totally Korean food I eat at school lunch everyday.
 More Korean side dishes...
 Correct me if I'm wrong...but is this pig's feet?
 Korean soup....cold!
 At least I had good company!!  Except for the guy at my table who didn't think Mexicans lived in Minnesota and we don't eat Mexican food, and I bitched him out for that...trying not to use the word ignorant...HAPPY THANKSGIVING:)
 We filled up on french fries and beer...had to get our money's worth!!
 At least there was a happy ending!

Sorry if you didn't want to hear my poor facebook friends got to hear it to.  The fact that they deleted any negative comments makes me realize--some dirty people are behind that meetup group that are just trying to make money off of people who just want to meet new people in a new city.

Sunday at the Track...

Last Sunday I went to Seoul Racecourse Park with a couple of neighbors.  I had been trying to save money and stay in why not gamble??  A few of my horses won, and a few did not.  When I subtracted my winnings from my losses...I only lost about $7.  All in all, not much to spend on an afternoon of fun.

This crowd is checking out the horses to see which ones they want to bet on.
 ...parading the horses around so you can get a good look at them.
 There were sooo many people there...scattered all of the places looking at their programs to decide on their bets.

 Yes!  Very limited information guides compared to the Korean guide, but thankful to have anything in English!
 It was in such a beautiful location with the mountains in the background.

 So many people!
 My Canadian neighbor, Dana...she's amazing!  When I'm sick...she brings me tea!
 Yay!!  My first horse won!!
 This guy was really curious what we were betting on...
 Wow!  I hadn't seen a John Deere in so long!!  Made me feel like I was at home:)
 In case you've never bet on horses before, the screen in the back is showing the odds...

 Koreans always smoke in the bathrooms despite many signs that tell them not to...ewwwww!
 My downstairs neighbors, Alex and Dana...aren't they the cutest!
 They were eating an interesting variety of snacks...persimmons, hard boiled egg, and some sort of powdery, sugary thing.
 hmmmm...gambling problem??
A better view of the tracks where you can check out what the horses look like.
 On the way to go home.  People love these Deli Majoo things, they have a custard not for me!
 For dinner we stopped at a Korean Traditional Duck Restaurant near my house.  I always wanted to try it and it was as delicious as I had imagined.  We got a  "set menu" so there were many courses of different types/parts of duck.  I forgot to take pictures after the first two courses...

Cooking on the barbeque...
 Duck skin is so delicious!  This was in some spicy sauce.  I really like it!  It had a really good flavor. 
Another great afternoon in Korea!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wii 방

A Wii 방 (Bang...b-aaahh-ng meaning "room") is a place to hang out with your friends and play the Wii.  You pay only for a drink-coffee, soda, etc. and the room is free for you to use.  The drinks are about $5 each.  There are 방 all over Korea for all sorts of things such as karaoke rooms - 노래방 - norebangs, DVD 방, PC 방 etc.  Here are a couple of photos of a Wii 방 I went to a few weeks ago for a friend's birthday.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seoul Lantern Festival

The Seoul Lantern Festival came just in time for the G20 Seoul Summit.  It runs 1 km down the Cheonggye Stream.  There were 15,000 lanterns from 25 countries.

 Some street vendors
 This is a popular, traditional candy in Korea.  I'm not a fan...waaay too hard to eat.  I can't imagine a dentist could recommend this candy.  As you can see he has to chizzle it into smaller pieces.

 G20 Lantern.