Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Suwon Hwaseong Culture Festival

Suwon had it's annual Hwaseong Culture Festival last weekend.  I wasn't able to attend the great weekend activities because I was going to Busan for the weekend.  However, I was able to attend the opening ceremony on Thursday night.

This man was directing traffic...not sure why his vest said, "Best Driver."  Oh, Korea...
There were a wide variety of performances for the opening ceremony.  It began with the Suwon orchestra.  They did a pretty good job.  My new camera takes much better photos, but doesn't have nearly the zooming capacity:(
The governer of Gyeonggi-do spoke.  Gyeonggi is the province I live in. 
Then...the dramatic unveiling of the replica of the Hwaseong Fortress to the govenor and other important guests...  Just to realize later this was just a piece of cardboard.
These air blown hands were a big deal as well....Oh, Korea...
And here comes the biggest, Oh, Korea... moment of the evening.  Some sort of K-Pop singers.  I don't know if they are famous or not, but they were signing c.d.s.  If anyone knows who they are, let me know.
The only thing I understand is nah nah nah nah nah...chuseyo...
They even came out to the crowd.
Then...there was finally some traditional dancing.  The reason I came to the festival.

These guys are always interesting.  They have this ribbon on their hat and they move their head around so that the ribbon goes around.  They do all these tricks with the ribbon as well.

I kind of got a picture of the ribbon guy doing a trick.

Spotted.  A lady wearing a mask.  This happens A LOT in Korea.  They wear a mask so they don't share germs; however, 3.5 out of 5 girls in the bathroom DON'T wash their hands and they are constantly sharing food and shoving their germ-infested chopsticks in everyone else's food...even while wearing, "the mask!"  Sorry for the negative remarks...this is one of my Korean pet peeves!
The last segment of the evening was this singer.  The best part of this performance was the crowd singing and waving their hands back and forth.  Again, I don't know who this is...if someone out there does, let me know.

I love the older lady in the peach jacket:)
We ended the night with a delicious galbi dinner.  I'm so proud to live in Suwon;)

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