Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at School

Finding a good Halloween costume in Korea isn't easy.  I decided to go with a classic.  I found a witch hat, wig, and some face paint and I was just about set.  I bought a skirt for less than $5 and cut it up along with an old shirt.  Wrap a scarf around me and I'm set.  Definatly not the best costume I've had, actually one of the worst...and certaintly the least creative costume I've had...but it's about all I could do in Korea.

I'm the first foreigner at my school; therefore, no one has ever dressed up for Halloween in the school.  Both students and teachers alike enjoyed it.  One teacher even said, "wow...this is a true, real, American costume.  I've never seen one before...only in the movies."

It's just an ordinary day for Koreans, but because there are so many foreigners in this many of us will get together in some "foreigner neighborhoods" in Seoul.  I need to switch up my costume a bit before tomorrow...but this worked pretty well for the kids.  I went door to door to the classroom during lunch so they could tell me "trick or treat" and get some candy.

I hope this sparked some interest at school so that next year they will be able to have some sort of Halloween party.  Other than the trick-or-treating and the musical chairs to Monster Mash that I did during my classes...that's all the Halloween these kids sad...some of my fondest childhood memories come from Halloween.  I loved seeing my cousins at Grandpa's when Dad would take me trick-or-treating until my feet were frost biten and all the fun of dressing up and doing the parade in elementary school.  I remember the anxious, excited look my older brother had in his eye when I got home from trick-or-treating...he always seemed to trick me into giving him more candy than he deserved.

But are some pics from Halloween at school.  These are my afterschool kids.  By this time, my face painting was peeling off my face in big clumps!
Snack time!

Tiffany was pretty excited to show me this pumpkin she made at school:)

I hope I haven't overdone the Korean Kid Cuteness since the last few blog posts were about my students....nah...impossible to overdo...right?

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