Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh, Korea...

At least once a day, I say to myself...Oh, Korea...

There are so many random occurrences that I take photos of.  They haven't exactly fit into the blog yet.  So here is a photo post of random, everyday occurrences in Korea in a very random order. 

I have my own washer in my apartment...pretty much everyone does.  But everyone hangs their clothes to dry, meaning there are no dryers in sight!!  I prefer to hang my clothes for a number of reasons, one main reason being that it is just better for the environment.  However, my clothes have been getting stretched and I just needed to dry some clothes to shape them back to how they used to be.  Finding a dryer in Korea is nearly impossible but, with the help of my neighbor, I finally found one in my neighborhood. 

Also, Koreans LOVE their norebangs.  What is that?  A karaoke room.  They are amazing.  You just rent out a karaoke room with your friends.  Buy drinks there or bring your own and sing the night away. the laundromat, they had this small norebang/karaoke room so you could sing a few songs while you wait for your laundry.
Here are some pics of a real norebang.  They are really nice.  The lights go down low and they have fun can't tell in these pics because I had the flash on.  Always a good time.
Pizza.  When buying pizza in Korea, in comes wrapped in a nice, red bow.  It's like opening a delicious present.  You always get sweet pickles with it and occasionally hot sauce (as pictured).  Careful, there is often corn on Korean pizza...I hated it at first, but I don't mind it anymore.  Who knew if you ordered a cheese pizza--it's standard for corn to come on top...
Small Korean kids are pampered.  They even have a kid-sized toilet and sink in many women's restrooms.
Korean signs in English always seem to be misspelled...ALWAYS!  At Costco, you don't wanna miss out of this Hot Dog + COK set!
Their English t-shirts also either don't make sense or are misspelled...and usually both!
This shirt was on my student!  Don't worry, his mom was called and told that this shirt isn't exactly appropriate for school.
English menus also don't always make sense.  If you can't read this, just click on the photo and a larger photos will come up and you can zoom even closer.
Koreans have a hard time with the "b" sound much like Spanish speakers.  I believe this is supposed to by "Moby Dick."
Thirsty for some Minute Maid with PULPY!  If only I could tape the commercial for you...that's even better.
MMMM...Mandu!  Mandu are Korean dumplings.  I like them steamed, fried, soup, or pretty much anyway...delish!
Mandu soap with seafood.

Speaking of seafood...hungry for some squid??  Squid is actually quite delicious.  Except, it is never appetizing to see it live...the head creeps me out.  Seafood restaurants have large fish tanks outside of their restaurants.  Once you order, they go outside and pick it fresh, just for you...and you can even pick out which one you want.
If squid is not your can always call McDonald's for delivery!  In China I saw Subway had delivery...soooo jealous!!  The only Subway Sandwiches I've seen in Korea are in Seoul and there is no delivery option.
My neighborhood McDonald's...right next to the 7-Eleven.
I don't think I ever blogged about Korean weddings.  They are beautiful, but quick and straight to the point.  They have them in these huge wedding hall and buffets.  You see a quick ceremony, take photos, and then go into the buffet and eat.  While you are eating the buffet, the couple puts on the hanbok and does the traditional ceremony.  Some people just go for the food.  So they drop off their envelope of money for the couple and head in for the food.  There are a few large screens where you can watch the current wedding that is going on while eating at the buffet.  There are so many weddings going on that you don't even sit with people you know at the buffet.  The photo below is of the art teacher at school's wedding.  I only saw the western part of the wedding and not the traditional part.  The hair and makeup is done right at the wedding hall in the salon and the dress and tux is rented from there as well.
Koreans claim to be a conservative society.  Their gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender community is hidden in the back streets of Itaewon.  They have the best bar names!
Seoul has a great nightlife.  But you should know that the subway system closes at midnight.  So if you plan to go out, you should plan to stay out until bar close...5:30-6 a.m. when the subway opens up again.  This is a typical Sunday morning on the subway at that time.
I went to my first real soccer game.  It was Korea vs. Nigeria.  Korea won...woo hoo!  This photo is the ceremony before the game started...some traditional Korean clothing.
The Nigerian fans were very rude and made winning so much sweeter!  In this photo you can see they left their seats from above and stood in front of all the Koreans.  They have the white t-shirts. They wouldn't leave when security asked them to.

They do this in the U.S. too.  Always love a free hug.  But I guess you get what you pay for, this wasn't a good hug at all!
When I go out of town on the weekends, I usually stay at a pension...Korean-style.  Which means sleeping on the floor.  I could never sleep on the floor before I came here, but for some reason it doesn't bother me in Korea.  I think it is because when I'm out of town, I am usually so tired...I could sleep anywhere.
Oh, Korea...don't worry about someone getting electrocuted or anything...

I stole this photo from my friend, Amanda.  I tried to take pictures of this...but none of mine turned out.  When Korea was in the world cup...t.v.s were set up everywhere-like this pharmacy-and everyone was watching the game.

I stole this photo from her too.  Every taxi has a GPS/television in their car.  Even taxi drivers were watching the game as they drove.
Another photo from Amanda...
I've been meaning to take some random photos of my neighborhood.  Hopefully I'll get that done and posted soon.  Hope you've enjoyed Korea's randomness just as much as I do.

Amanda, if you are reading this and hate that I posted your pictures...let me know and I will delete them-no prob.


  1. We love reading about your adventure. Sounds like you are having a blast!

    We love you and are so happy that you have this wonderful opportunity to experience things most will not have the chance to experience!

  2. This is my favorite post so far. I love all of these random things about Korea! Oh, and tonight we busted out the chopsticks you sent. Keep having fun!

  3. Thanks for your comments! I love to see them. I may be buying a camera today and that will inspire me to take some pics of my neighborhood. Nothing exciting...just all things random like this post. Love ya too!