Monday, September 27, 2010

Jeju Island: Eastside Tour

On Wednesday we toured the eastside of the Island.  The photo above is of he crater at Seongsan Ilchubong (Sunrise Peak).  In case you are wondering how this "tuff cone" was formed, click on the photo below.
The Korean Female Divers are well-known in Jeju-do.  They dive into the ocean to catch seafood without the ordinary tools a fisherman would use and without the equipment a scuba diver would use.  They wear a leaded vest and goggles and bring only a weeding hoe and net.  They are able to hold their breathe under water for 2-3 minutes!  On this beach, they give performances; however, we weren't there at that time.  This beach had such cool formations.
They sold seafood on the side from what the female divers had previously caught.

Next, we headed on the ferry to Udo Island.
Ferries are MUCH different in Korea than at home.  You can either enjoy the deck outside or come inside..take your shoes off of course, and relax on the floor.
A lighthouse on the way...
I can't escape the cuteness of Korean kids...not even on vacation:)
First stop on Udo...renting scooters and ATVs!!

Don't take photos and drive!!
The island was so beautiful and so much fun to explore on our ATVs!
I wasn't a fan of the bright red flag...
Cruising around Udo...

There is always time to make a wish/say a prayer...
I saw this guy eyeing my ATV...maybe he is making a wish that his parents will let him ride one...

haha.  Had to take a pic of my sweet ride next to the ocean:)

After a really quick seafood lunch, we rushed back on the ferry to check out the Trick Art Museum.

No trick here...

Next we headed to a Nutmeg Forest...not really sure how that one got on the agenda.  Here is a photo of the oldest nutmeg tree in Korea...try not to get too excited over this!
Then we headed to the Lava Tubes.  Jeju Island is a volcanic island and is covered in volcanic rock and soil.  Magna once flowed through these tubes and now these hallowed caves are some of the largest in the world.  It was dark so I didn't get many photos. 
By the time we got home, the sun was setting.  This photo was taken right outside our pension.
We went to the only restaurant in the area and it served one of Jeju's most famous pork.  This is one of the most common ways of eating in a restaurant in Korea.
I was the it got a little burned.  I always burn it a little!  My favorite way of eating this (and the traditional way) is to take a lettuce leaf, add red pepper paste (delish!), throw in some onions that soaked in that brown special sauce (don't know what it's called), add rice (optional), wrap and enjoy!
We also got a delicious seafood soup with our meal.  Sometimes it can be difficult to eat seafood in Korea because it usually comes whole.  I can crack through some of it, but this little guy was going to remain uneaten.
I liked this poster in the restaurant.  Bokbunja is a Korean raspberry wine.  Good...but I'll definatly take flowers or a ring over it.
Not sure if Beke is too full of pork or drunk?? Actually, she was neither.
It was time to go back to the pension and rest because we were going scuba diving the next day!

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  1. You shouldn't have told me this was a trick museum. I would have believed you gained super powers in Korea! Minus the real-life photo of you with angel wings, of course. :)