Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shanghai: Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the most iconic buildings in Shanghai...do you like my significantly crooked photo of it?  It was a really cool building to look at in person, especially when it was lit up at night.  I headed to the tower about 6 p.m. one night hoping to get a glance of the city both during the daytime and nightime.  As you can see there are three bubbles.  I wanted to go to the tiny bubble at the top; however, by that time all tickets were sold out.  I was warned just to get to the middle bubble was going to be a 2 hour wait in line.  I figured I had my Ipod and Lonely Planet book to get my through so I bought my ticket and headed in line (thankfully was indoors and air conditioned!!).  Another drawback...by the time I would get to the top, there would be no more daylight hours.

There was a Chinese man with his 12 year old boy in front of me.  He is an English professor and we talked the entire time that it took to get to the top.  His English was immaculate and his son's English was amazing as well.  I couldn't believe he has never left China and can speak English sooo well.  I learned a bit about China and he learned a bit about USA and Korea.  Before we knew it, we were almost to the front of the line.  He gave me his business card with an invitation to teach at his school...hmmm...we'll see.

They were in Shanghai for the World Expo. He really wanted to give his son the experience of going, which I thought was great. He couldn't really understand why I wasn't interested in going. One would think that if you happen to be in the same city as the the World Expo, why wouldn't you go? The tickets weren't bad prices...it was the crowds that kept me away! I read online that the lines were up to 5 hours waits just to get into the pavillions. Nearly 1/2 million people go the World Expo EVERYDAY! This year was the businest Expo in history. The cement has even began to sink because of the massive amounts of people.  I would have possibly reconsidered if I had been with a friend, but waiting ALONE for 5 hours in the heat...no thanks!  There were two pavilions I really wanted to see, China and Germany.  Well...since I've been to China, I guess I will justify not going by visiting Germany in the near future:)

Okay, so back to the Pearl Tower.  Here are some photos from above.  I prefer the Empire State Building simply because it is outside.  It's hard to take nice photos through and window and there is just something about being outside with the terrential winds from being so high up that made me enjoy it a little more.
The boats on the river were always lit up at night...
The observation deck of the blue building is the highest observation deck in the world.  I chose the Pearl Tower because it looked much more cool:)
A town that starts with Heil!
It had a glass bottom.  A drawback to traveling alone is that there is no one there to take your pic..
How could I have almost forgotten this?  Under the river from the Bund to Pudong, I took the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel that is supposed to get you to Pudong in an "altered state."  It was quite ridiculous.  It was all lit up and had cheesey and silly noises and narration.  But even more ridiculous is that i bought a round trip ticket because it would been cheaper than taking a taxi back.  So I had to go through this silly tunnel twice!

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