Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shanghai: Longhua Temple

The Longhua Temple has been one of my favorite temples I have visited thus far in Asia.  It was extremely active and I was the only tourist in sight.  It made taking photos difficult without being disrespectful...so I just took some quick shots.  It is the oldest and largest monastery in Shanghai.  Although much of the temple has been restored, it dates back to the 10th century.  The pagoda that is pictured above is 44 meters high (7 stories) and was originally built in AD 977!  Longhua refers to the pipal tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Temple Entrance
The animal in this window is very popular in China.  At the Jade Temple, it was explained to me that many Chinese put statues of this animal near the door to their home.  This animal likes to eat gold and money and has no "bottom" so it's belly stays rich.  It is supposed to bring you good fortune and business.  There is usually a male and a female...to keep things in feng shui.  Remember that you can always click on the photos to make them larger.
Burning incense outside.
Monks' dormitory.
I absolutely loved the detail

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