Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friends' Club Camp

...a bittersweet home sweet home.  I'm back in Korea after 11 days in China.  But before I begin my numerous blogs on China, here is a post on our Friends' Club Camp that I didn't get completed before I left for Beijing.  Friends' Club is our afterschool program for kids in grades 1-3.  The majority of these students were in our Kindergarten.  Friends' Club Camp was the weekend before I left for China.  Everyday I am growing closer and closer to my kids at school and I'm so proud of the accomplishments they've made in the last 5 months.  Yes...5 marks my 5 month anniversary in Korea.  I can't believe I'm almost completed half of my contract!

Friends' Club Camp was complete with just about anything we'd do at home:  arts & crafts, swimming & squirt guns, games, gym, campfire, etc...  We had a delicious Korean barbeque outside, a 12 foot campfire, and an amazing fireworks display...Sungmin went all out.

We are the Suwon campus.  Each campus wore different costumes, we were the Superman and Wonderwomen Group:)  This is of my smartest kids.  He speaks English very well!!!!
Melissa and Hena.  Melissa is the sweetest kid imaginable.  When she smiles, her eyes close so much you can't see them anymore.  Hena has some sass...I can see her being a very successful businesswoman some day.
Natalie and Genevieve.  Natalie has funk.  She showed up in a cowboy hat and outrageous, colorful pants.  Genevieve is sneaky...
Meet Vincent...the tiniest guy in Friends' Club.  I call him anything from Vinnie, Vince, and Vinnie-Vince-a-lot.  He's a sensative little guy...
Looks like McQueen chose the du-rag style Superman.  Not gonna lie, teachers have favorites, and he's one of mine!
Maria and Emily.  Maria is amazing and another favorite.  Her mother is too.  She (her mother) is so kind and always wants to take pictures with me.  All the boys love Emily.  Many Korean girls and women let those things get to their head and Emily doesn't.  She's smart and level-headed and I hope she never changes.
Daniel chose the du-rag style Superman as well. 
Susan and Sary.  Susan gets embarassed easily...poor Susan, for being in my class--she's just too fun to tease:)  Sary is absolutely beautiful, smart, and kind.
These three boys used to be my biggest nightmare...can you tell??  We seperated them and made a special class just for the three of them.  Now, they are so much fun to teach.  Koreans don't exactly believe in medicating their children because they can't seem to ever think their children aren't perfect...this was our best solution.  Now, I enjoy teaching (what me and the boys named) Boys' Club.
One day, Taewang had an interesting shirt on...can you read it?
Can I put my thingie in your thingie? do I explain to a parent how that is not appropriate to wear?

This video is from the ride home on the bus.  Watch McQueen.  I think we've all felt this way one time or another...but McQueen really can't seem to keep his head couldn't stop laughing.

Many China blogs to come...

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