Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beijing: Summer Palace

The Summer Palace was built in 1790.  You can see in the pictures that it was very smoggy, humid, and HOT at the Summer Palace.  The Summer Palace was a place for the Imperial Court to relax and escape the heat of the Forbidden City in Beijing.  However, there was no escaping it...it was hot!  It was also huge.  We spent the entire day there and I don't think we saw a lot of the Summer Palace. 

Several building had not yet been restored.

And several had.  Can you see the difference?
The first car imported into China.
I always love the small details.
On the way up the hill to the Temple...did I mention it was hot?
Outside the Temple.
Inside the Temple. I got in some trouble for taking these pics inside.  Hey-if you can put a gift shop inside a temple, I think it makes it fair game for photos.
Exploring around the Temple.  This was...no doubt...the hottest I had ever been in MY LIFE.  I couldn't zoom too well because of the smog...but you could see a McDonald's down below...
What?  The Lockness Monster??

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