Monday, August 9, 2010

Beijing: Olympics

I had read that the Olympic Park in Beijing was much more impressive in person than what we had seen on t.v. in 2008.  Completely true.  I wasn't too hyped up to see it, but once the taxi stopped...I was in awe.  I thought the architecture was so unique and beautiful.  Definately unlike anything I had ever seen before (in person, I guess I did see it on t.v.).  The smog was especially bad that can definately see it in my pictures even though I brightened most of them on my quick edit.

The Water Cube was really cool.  This is where Michael Phelps won about a million gold medals.  You could pay about $5 to go inside AND there was no line (doesn't happen much in China), so I was in.  You could also pay a little more and come at certain times of the day and swim laps in the pool.
Ceiling inside.
Wonder what they do with an Olympic Stadium when the Olympics are over?  Charge admission to see it AND have a Children's waterpark inside.  It was currently closed for maintenance.
Everyone thought these walls were SO cool...everyone was taking pics next to them.
The Birds' Nest...lots of smog!!
Of course.  Olympic Park wouldn't be complete without one of these.
Wondering why you didn't see any wonderful pictures of me?  Although it was incredibly hot and steamy that day (not quite 100 degrees like Shanghai but the kind of humidity the USA has never seen before...with humidity it was well over 100 degrees), my friend Amanda hadn't arrived I spent the day alone.

After this, I headed over to the Silk Market to do some shopping.  Although (surprisingly) it was indoors and air conditioned, it wasn't any less tiring.  Bargaining and bargaining for gifts for my family was about the most tiring thing I did in China.

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