Friday, August 20, 2010

Beijing: Donghuamen Night Market

Here is a post to show you a little of Beijing's finest "GUISTNE."  We headed to the Donghuamen Night Market our last night in Bejing.  We were sooo tired from our week in Beijing but knew we must try something at the market.  They had everything from fruit on a stick to...
silk worms and snake on a stick, to...
ummm...not sure?
Seahorses.  They get fried, of course.  A English teacher I know in Korea came to this night market and ate seahorse, sheep's penis, testicles, and some other crazy stuff.  He said the seahorses were the worst!
You can always click on the photos in my blog to see them larger.  Once you're in that window you can even click again to zoom up really close.
This guy REALLY wanted me to eat the sheep's penis...NO WAY!
I don't know how you can eat these starfish...I guess if you fry them, you must be able to bite right into them??
So...out of all those options, which one would you choose?  I chose the easiest one I could find...the centipede!  They kindly fried it and added some salt and pepper.
Really...not bad at all.  The blue stuff in the middle was a little weird...but I could have done something much more daring.  Never the penis or testicles, but I'm sure I could have done a bigger insect or something interesting out of the sea.  If I did it again, I guess I would make sure to pack some dental floss.  I had centipede legs in my teeth for the rest of the night.  If you had ate something nasty, can you imagine it sitting in your teeth all night long?

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