Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beijing: Acrobat and Kung Fu Show

While in China, I wanted to see three shows.  A Chinese Acrobat Show, Peking Opera, and a Kung Fu Show.  Due to the times of the shows, I missed the Peking Opera but did get a chance to see the Acrobat Show and Kung Fu Show.
I went to the Kung Fu Show on one of my first nights in Korea-while traveling alone.  It was held at the Red Theater.  I thought it was great.  It exceeded my expectations.  There was a mix of Kung Fu, acrobatics, and ballet if you can believe it.  You couldn't take pictures during the performance...I tried to sneak in a few, but it didn't work so well.
Amanda and I went to a Chinese Acrobat Show at the Chaoyang Theater one night after visiting the Hard Rock Cafe.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of some of the unbelievable things they could do with their body.  I was especially impressed by the women.  Their strength and flexibility was amazing!

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