Thursday, July 1, 2010


It was an amazing experience to cheer on Korea's team during the 2010 World Cup.  Korea hosted the games, along with Japan, in 2002.  At that time, Korea actually made it to fourth place.  Since then, Korea has had the slogan, "Again, 2002."  :)

Korea didn't get nearly that close this year, but did make it to the final 16 teams.  They lost to Uruguay (2-1).  Korea really dominated the game...but just couldn't make the ball into the goal.  Although it was a tough loss, Koreans were proud of how well Korea played.

There are two World Cup Stadiums in Korea because of the 2002 World Cup.  One in Seoul and one in Suwon, the town I live.  So, for the first game...Korea vs. Greece, my friend and I went to the Suwon World Cup Stadium to watch the game.  It was great to watch the game with so many Koreans.  Everyone was full of pride and excitement...and a few Cass beers.  It was so cool to see the stadium open their doors for free for the community to watch the game together.  In fact, all over town people were watching the game together.  There were large screens set up outside the subway station, convenience stores, bars, coffee shops, you name it!  No matter where you were walking, you'd run into a crowd of people-wearing red-and watching the game together.  The sense of Korean Pride was contagious.

This guy was so excited over the win against Greece...he had to take a picture with us.  The lady friend who took the picture got a little excited over the zoom...
A bit blurry...but the sea of red at the Suwon World Cup Stadium
Korea Won!  I happened to take a pic during an interesting advertisement...
The night ended with fireworks!

I will add video on my next post because the way Blogger works...too difficult to explain why.

After losing only to Argentina in round one...we made it to round two.  For the Korea vs. Uruguay game, we went to City Hall in Seoul.  Here, there were four huge screens set up to watch the game with even more people.  It rained throughout the game...but we tried not to let it dampen our spirits.
One of my students gave me this, "I love Korea" tattoo.
With my camera, taking pictures in the dark is a challenge.  This is the best I could do.  This is in the beginning of the game when people were still sitting on the street.  I love that we are in downtown Seoul and there is still a little reminder of traditional Korea lit up nearby.
Rain, rain...go away!
Amanda and I...soaking wet!
These guys were so cute:)  You'll find this in Korea and no one passes judgement.  You will often find men carrying murses (mens' purses)...often times they are designer purses like Louis Vuitton.
Again, I will add the videos to the next post.  With the mixture of rain and night, my camera couldn't capture the excitement from the hopefully you will get a glimpse of it through my videos.

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