Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boryeong Mud Festival!

The Boryeong Mud Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Korea...especially for foreigners.  The mud is supposedly very good for your skin.  The festival began 13 years ago to promote all that Boryeong Mud can do for your skin.  I was suckered into buying some mud and clay masks for my face.  It was really cheap, so I think maybe they are the suckers...right?
So...Amanda and I jumped into a mud wrestling pit...it was hilarious...Koreans were throwing us down everywhere, I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even stand up...so naturally they kept kicking mud at me...The not-so-funny part was that I got soo much mud in my eyes, I couldn't even open them!  This is me trying to find Amanda and moving to the sound of her voice.  I was yelling for my friend Caitlin because she had my purse with kleenexes...if there was a video for this moment it would be me yelling, "Caitlin, Caitlin, CAITLIN...where are you?  Amanda, do you see her....Amanda....Amanda...Amanda, where are you?  Do you see Caitlin...I can't open my eyes, Amanda?  Caitlin?  AMANDA!  CAITLIN!"  Caitlin was sitting there the whole time laughing and taking my picture...what a great friend:)
Mimicking the statue...but you can't tell since we are covering it up...
Wow, I wish I looked as cool as Caitlin...I was just hanging on for dear life.
Taking a dip in the Yellow Sea...but don't drink soju and try to rinse off in the crashing waves!  What is soju?  Soju is fermented rice liquor and is about the cheapest and most common liquor in Korea.  It's 20% alcohol and costs about $1/bottle.  It'll knock you down, literally!  As you can see, everyone else is barely knee high in the water and I can't seem to stand up!
Busy, but beautiful Boryeong Beach...my first time in the Yellow Sea.
I had to take a pic of this Korean and her paperazzi.  It's hard to tell, but-yes, she is wearing heels at the beach.  Koreans wear heels EVERYWHERE!  Looks like her friend/photographer may be wearing heels as well.
This guy is AMAZING!  When he heard I was from Minnestoa, he couldn't stop talking about the Vikings.  He truly is the #1 Vikings Fan.  He pays to watch the games live in Korea.  He knew EVERYTHING about Viking football and is still just as devastated as I am that we just barely missed the Super Bowl.  We watched the fireworks together and everytime there were purple/gold colors in the fireworks, we would shout...PURPLE AND GOLD!  I am demonstrating #1 and his backwards peace sign is demonstrating V for Vikings.  Loved this guy!
Hanging out with my bff on the beach...it was so peaceful at night.  What makes it even better is dippin dots and soju!
Well...one week from today I will be in CHINA!  I can't remember ever being more excited for a trip in my life...and I've been on some good trips!  It'll be a few weeks before I can get another post out...but my China experiences will be worth the wait.  Thanks for spending time to read my blogs each week.  I miss everyone back home...especially my neices and nephews...but I am lovin' (almost) every minute in Korea.

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