Monday, June 21, 2010

My Students...

My students are soo funny. Three months ago I was teaching them: Hello, How are you? And today one of my 6 year olds (4 or 5 years old in USA) said, "Katie Teacher, You have a big chest!" Lol...they are learning English waaay too fast! And to top it off, he kept showing me with his hands exactly what he meant...just in case I didn't understand him!

About one month ago, I saw a lightbulb go off in one of my 1st graders...he looked at me after I said I loved Korean food and said, "" Lol...the kids thought I went home to USA every night. I had them look out the window and I pointed where my apartment so close, you can see it if you're on the top floor of my school.

Between classes, I caught the kids practicing some performances. I ran upstairs and took a few very short videos. They are reciting from memorization so their conversational English is much better than this. I didn't help with the performances, but these are some of my English students.
Apple Tree Class:

Maple Tree Class:

Pinetree Class

This is a picture of June birthdays in the Apple Tree Class. Jenny (on the left) and Jeff (in the middle) are twins. Jacky is on the right.

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