Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gumundo Ferry

The ferry to Gumundo Island takes about 2 hours. Because of a wind advisory, we had to leave the Island early. Once we reached our destination, we found out a wind advisory went into effect about 5 minutes after we pulled away from the we were very lucky to get back to the mainland. Otherwise we would have been there until Tuesday. The ferry took much longer because of the rough waves. Most of us took seasickness medicine before we got on the boat. I've never been seasick, but I'm glad I took it. Several people were vomiting on the boat. Most people had their eyes closed and were laying back on their seat...but my Dad conditioned me for this by sending me on the Zipper at the county fair over and over and over when I was a kid. So, I was gladly trying to take videos and watched out the window the whole time. I couldn't get a very good video, naturally. When I pulled out my camera, the waves seemed to calm down. It was hilarious to watch people try to walk on the boat, it was possible...but took a lot of balance, concentration, and you had to hold on to something the entire time. I will also note that this wasn't a small ferry. It had two levels and I was sitting upstairs. So when you see the waves crashing, they are crashing above the second level.

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