Monday, May 17, 2010


Here are some videos I promised from previous posts: The first one is at Everland. Instead of these guys helping you to unfasten your seat belt and get out of the ride safely, why not dance instead? I took this video while standing in line. The line began to move it ended right when it was getting good:)

These videos are from the Tea Festival. For 2,000 won ($1.75 USD) you could ride these for as long as you'd like. It was hilarious!! The first guy didn't understand that I wanted him to take a video instead of a picture...The second one ended abruptly because my purse fell off...

The last video was from Dr. Fish. The fish in this video are eating the dead skin off of my feet. It was scary at first but it started to feel like my feet were vibrating...and my feet were (almost) silky smooth afterwards. I'd definitely do it again. The fish in our tank weren't as aggressive as the other tank. They also seemed to gravitate towards there aren't TOO many fish on my feet during the video...but I swear it seemed like more...I think they just had stage fright.

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