Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hwaseong Fortress

There is a Facebook group for English Teachers in Suwon.  I met up with them this weekend to finally see the Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. 

Building the temporary fortress began in 1789 as well as a wall around the entire city to protect themselves from Japanese invasion.  Here are some pics:
Saturday Performances at the Fortress
I was trying to bend down so that I wouldn't hide the guards...but I guess I could have just stood up...they almost look like those scary manequins but I promise they were real people...
This beautiful man painted my name in Hangul
Getting dressed in hanbok...similar to what the Queen would have worn...
Here I am...trying to look serious... took great balance to keep this on my head
When the King thought his son wasn't suited to be a king, he locked him in a rice chest (like the one below) until he died of starvation :(
A shot of the temporary fortress from above
A little Konglish...
This statue of Buddah can be seen from far away.  It is lit up in during the night...
Beautiful Buddah close up
Big Buddah...Little Me
One of the gates...the city has obviously sprawled far beyond the original gates
And dinner of course...take rice, mix in lots of different veggies and some sauce, stir, and it is DELICIOUS! 
Add some tofu soup and you've got a great meal after a long day of walking...

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