Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Introducing...Sungmin Kindgergarten!

Here are some pics of the Kindergarten where I work.  The best part of the school are the cute kids running down the hallways...but here are some pictures of the building...

The Outside...it's pretty big!
A typical English Immersion Classroom
Hallways...I love the beautiful floor...
I love, love, love this!!  I need to find out the history on where they got this, they have two...they look like they come from South America.
Happy Sungmin Teachers!  Julia, a Korean English Teacher and Ji-Hee, a Regular Kindergarten Teacher.
Okay, so this pic doesn't come from inside the school...we went out for dinner and it was the Principal's Birthday (notice, the birthday hat)...so this is me and the Principal of the Kindergarten in Suwon.
These crack me up everytime!!  They are the 12 months of the year...In January, mommy and daddy get married...and by December they have a beautiful new baby...forget pics of the seasons or holidays for the months...let's just be practical...
I'm really enjoying my job so far.  It is VERY EXHAUSTING...but a lot of fun!

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