Monday, September 26, 2011

63 Building

Finishing this blog has been long overdue.  In case you haven't figured it out, I left my job in South Korea at the end of June for a number of reasons.  I had a great last week in Korea that I have yet to blog about.  My experience in Korea was memorable and amazing.  I was extremely surprised today when I checked the blog stats since my little hiatus.  People are still reading my blog all around the world and although I'm no longer in Korea, I'm happy to answer and questions or comments.

Without further adieu, here is my post on the 63 Building in Seoul:

It's called the 63 Building because, has 63 floors - clever.

 View from the top.
 These white buildings are all apartments.

 If you saw my post on Namsan Tower - you might remember how everyone brings a lock to "lock in their love."  At the 63 building, people can purchase these different shapes to write a message about their love.
 Not only can you get a good view of the city at the 63 Bldg, you can also go to an aquarium there!

 I think crabs have very interesting bodies.
 When you walk over this glass floor, there are noises of breaking glass;)
 Always a photo spot in Korea!
 Seahorses are also interesting to me.

 Of course, there has to be a "Korean" spin to this.  We were sad to have missed the seal and dolphin show.  We were surprised and confused when they ushered us near the big fish tank.  Much to our surprise, some Celin Dion - type music began and a synchronized swimmer came out and swam to the fish in a choreographed swim.


The 63 Building was fun, but other than the swimming fish lady, not much out of the ordinary that you'd find in any major city.  It's a good afternoon out but not a MUST SEE.

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