Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey Mom...guess what I did today?

Just jumped off Mount big deal! the video is really silly because I didn't really know what to say or do.

**the video doesn't seem to be uploading, I'm not sure why.  I'll try to get it up soon.
The scariest part of the whole experience was...driving up the mountain!!  We rode in this big truck through a TINY, MUDDY path directly alongside the edge of the mountain with no railings.  Occasionally we would slide around.  After that ride, I knew I was ready to jump off the mountain because there was NO WAY I was going to ride back down in that truck!
 It was such a beautiful day.  It was a bit windy and they kept saying there was a "mini tornado" so we had to wait for the air to stop cycling around.
 Finally, some people started to go.

 everything you need to paraglide is right there...
 This was on the truck...this is for you, Amanda!
 Some photos before we took off...
 Some more photos...
 He took them from every angle.
The landing was easier than I thought.  I just had to pick up my legs and we landed on our butt.
 This was so much fun I'd do again!  I highly recommend paragliding!!  It's adventurous but enjoyable at the same time.  It was sort of relaxing and the scenery was beautiful.  In a few more months, the mountains will be gorgeous (don't worry mom, I'm not gonna do it again in a few months)!  He did a bunch of spins and spirals for me too.  He said, "Do you like Viking."  I didn't know what he meant until he said Disney Land...the Viking Ship.  After that he spun me around and it was so much fun!!

I now realize I didn't sign any sort of release forms.  That's Korea for ya.


  1. that looks awesome! holy fun pants.

  2. wow!! It looks great)) please paste the website link or contact information....I wana go for it

  3. Asad: I did it with the Meetup Ground called, Climbing in Korea. Join Meetup for free if you haven't done it already, then join the Climbing in Korea group. Then you can info from the administrator of the group.