Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Itaewon Freedom

So...there happens to be a new song everyone on Facebook (who I know in Korea) is raving and ranting about.  I happen to think the song is annoying and the video is stupid...and I get very angry when the only English part of the song gets in my head...Itaewon Freedom....Itaewon Freedom...

Itaewon is a neighborhood in Seoul that is very popular with foreigners.  There are tons of foreign restaurants, bars, clothing, gay bars (because that's a "foreigner problem" haha) etc...  If you need something in English, Itaewon is the way to go.  Most Koreans working in Itaewon can speak English.  When I say it is foreigner-friendly, that doesn't just mean for westerners.  There are plenty of people from Pakistan, Turkey, India, and all over the world who live nearby or visit Itaewon.  The downside to Itaewon is that it is pretty trashy, especially at night.

There are many U.S. soliders in Itaewon because of its proximity to the U.S. Base Garrison Yongsan.  ...So many soldiers that cause so many problems, that the U.S. Military Police work with the Korean Police to enforce the law in Itaewon.  There are some bars with a sign in front, "No GIs" mostly because of violence and prostitution.  Pretty sad that the boys can't "play nice" while off base.  I find this an embarassment to my country!  While not all soliders are like this, there is enough where the U.S. Military Police patrol the area and take care of problems :(

While I was waiting for a play to start a few weekends ago, I took some photos of my favorite parts of Itaewon.

There are many more restaurants that serve great food...I just took pics of the chains you'd recognize.

You can also get your hair and nails done!  I actually go to Itaewon to get my hair cut and colored...not this particular shop, obviously.
 There are shops all over the place that say "Big Size"
There are LOTS of street vendors with all the knock-off Louis Vuitton purses, underwear, wallets, etc that anyone would ever need.
An amazing English bookstore...interestingly named, What The Book?

Itaewon Freedom....

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