Friday, December 31, 2010

Korean Hockey

Are you surprised to hear that hockey is a sport in Korea?  Well...don't get your hopes up tooo high, it's not that popular.  But...they do play internationally.  So we headed about 20 minutes up the subway line to Anyang to see what Korean hockey was all about for the Korea Halla vs. China Dragon Game.  It was a special night so all you had to do was give a free-will donation to some charity and the entrance fee was free.

As you can see from the stands, the arena is small and there aren't many fans.  A good majority of the fans were were some of the players.
 This was my Irish friend's FIRST hockey game EVER.  Not too exciting of a game for it to be here first one:(
 Just like at home...except not as much violence.  Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the hockey music just as much as the game.  Reminds me of my days at SCSU!!
Korea Halla won!  Don't ask me why they are called that??
 So...apparently there is the Asia Hockey League where Korea, Japan, and China play eachother.  Someone pointed out to me that's not very many teams to call it the "Asia" League...
 I didn't realize I missed my days in the "dog pound" at SCSU until now.

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