Friday, December 17, 2010

Bell Ringing

It's always the little things from home that can make my day.  About a week or so ago, the Salvation Army bell ringers began appearing all around the subway in Seoul and Suwon (not outside every store like at home).  As I was walking to the German Market last weekend I heard the sound of a bell ringing for the first time...I thought...this couldn't be...  And it was!  I was pleasantly surprised to see bell ringers in Korea.

Having worked with the Salvation Army quite a bit when I worked in Minneapolis/St. Paul...I know that there is so much good that is done through their charities.  A lot of my clients benefited warm meals, warm shelters, clothing, spiritual help, and much more from the Salvation Army. 

So...I've never been one that is annoyed by the bell ringing.  Sure, at home there are bell ringers at every single corner...but there needs to be.  This is where they really get the money they need to fulfill the needs of the community all year long.  I, myself have even been a bell ringer with my roommates (and we did this on the coldest day possible).

So I hope you won't just pass by the next bell ringer you least give them your spare goes a long way.  I know they'll always get mine with a very sincere, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Ah yes, that very frigid night standing outside Cub! I have yet to see a single bell ringer here. Seems a little strange!