Monday, November 8, 2010

Namsam Tower

Namsam Tower is an iconic image in Seoul, just as any tower is in any big city.  I finally got to check out Namsam.  It was great, but not any different than any other tower I've been in.  I prefer the Empire State Building in New York City than any other tower I've been in simply because it is outside.  It's difficult to take photos at night through glass...and being outside that high up in the sky, with the crazy wind...just makes it more breathtaking.

We took the cable car up and down to the Tower.  Seoul is smart to build their tower on the top of a huge hill.
Some views of the city.  It wasn't a very clear night:(  You can always click on the photos to see a larger, more clear image.

So faaaar from home!!
Even farther from Chile:(
A makeup store in the tower?  Of course, this is Korea after all.
Outside of Namsam, lovers come to "lock" in their love.  This man was so determined to get their lock on top.

 Strong Love.

My date didn't bring a lock...tears!

 A bicycle lock...haha...brilliant!

Afterwards we stopped at Pizza Mall...delicious!  So many women in Korea are constantly applying makeup and looking at themselves in the mirror.  Suzanne is not mocking them at all...nor is she wearing a shirt...
 I tried to take a picture without anyone noticing.  You see this all the time in Korea, women constantly applying makeup and fixing their hair.  Who needs to sit and talk with your friends during dinner when there is makeup to be applied?
All in all, Namsam Tower was a good time.  My "must see" list of things to do in Korea is dwindling down...

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