Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maria's Public Service Announcement:)

This is my student, Maria.  She competed in a speech competition at her school and won.  She is going to read it for the G20 Summit in Seoul.  I'm so proud of her!!  I took this video of her practicing so that she could watch herself.  Maria and her mother wrote the speech, I fixed it up, she practiced with me just a couple of times.  Can you imagine giving a speech in 1st grade when you've only been studying the language a couple of years!  She has a difficult voice to understand sometimes, it's really soft and she has some pronunciation errors...but I think she is doing really well.  But I have an ear trained for non-native speakers.  I hope you enjoy!
p.s.  I don't know why I filmed it like this.  I was thinking I could flip the video when I put it on my computer, but turns out I can't:(

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